Charts not enough data

Hi fellow no-coders!

Quick question to the community, I’ve used the chart block - specifically the Bar Chart component to build a simple bar chart.

The chart displays correctly on the editing mode - but when previewing it shows me a message like this one:

When comparing the data on Airtable, it should show me only one column on the bar chart - because there’s only one category for a particular subset of records.

Is there a threshold for showing data? A bar chart with one column can’t be displayed?


Having this same issue. Hopefully its an easy fix!

Hey folks, can you please, provide a published page link for us to check?

I am also having this issue

Tagging @austinyang and @artur

@Kieran @aar0n this issue is fixed, please feel free to check.

I still see this happening for me!
Is there no minimum number of records for the pie chart? I’m trying to show the graph with only 10 records currently, does it not work then?

@Andranik @Maria would you have some info for me?
It seems like there is a minimum amount of data points that the graphs need to portray data?

This is what happens when I try to create a bar chart based on 32 company profiles.

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU I believe that is non related to the number of records on the data source, but it is more related to what field types did you use on the “group by”, “aggregation function” fields in your block settings.
Would you mind checking these fields? please check what field types are used, you can also feel free to contact us via live chat for faster resolution of the case.

Aah it was actually because I grouped by a single select field apparently. Just had to group by a formula field and now it works :slight_smile: Thank you!

Awesome, great news!