Charts axis mislabelled from linked record source

does anyone have any experience with correcting the x-axis label on a stack bar chart? Currently, my x-axis label is showing the record ID from airtable when in fact I did not create a record ID field in airtable for that data and in softr the field for the x-axis values is linked to ‘Product’ which is a linked record. This linked record may the source of the problem but I do not know how to fix it.
Thank you in advance for taking time to look at this!


Hey @Ella, indeed, the reason is in the linked record type of the Product column. We recently updated the chart blocks so that the linked record columns can not be added to the Categories → Field to avoid such situations.

Instead, what you should do is you need to add a lookup column next to the Product column, look the data up from Product and link that lookup column to your Bar chart. Publish and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marine.Hovhannisyan !!

My pleasure!