Chart Legend displays RecordID not the value

A little issue with Chart Legend. When Legend is selected on Charts I have created, the RecordID displays in the legend not the actual value displayed in the relevant Airtable Table data source.

In this one example, the Airtable Table field used for SEGMENT in the Chart is PRODUCT. That is a selectable field linked to the PRODUCTS Table.

It is not an input (text or dropdown) field. Does that mean only RecordID of the PRODUCT (in the Products Table) can display in the legend? Is that a bug or some config I have failed to understand?

You could try within your Airtable toggle PRODUCT as a lookup field so it is just plain text. Pull from that instead of the linked record. That should display the categories correctly.

Thank you @Harrison.R . You are right. The table field needs to be either a text or lookup field in order for Legend to display correctly in Charts. Field cannot be a linked field (to another table).

A little problematic as we ideally should be enforcing a link to “Products” in the Product table. But can get around it for now.

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