Chart block with conditional filters not working


I’m running into a problem with Chart block. I have a Chart block based on an airtable table. If I put the chart block without any conditional filters it shows up fine. But when I put any kind of condition that uses a linked field from the table I get the error “Something went wrong. Failed to fetch records” error in the app. The funny thing is the chart actually shows the correct data in the studio, but once published it gives the error in the app.

Any ideas on what’s wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi @BB-Bacuti, are you using the linked record for the conditional filter or lookup? try to use lookup instead matching with the actual(looked up) field

Thanks Maria for the response. Attached is a screenshot of the studio when I add the chart block and the conditional filter (the Company field is a linked field to another table). As you can see the data renders properly in studio

But after I Publish and go to the app it throws the error “Something went wrong” as in the screenshot below.

Hope that clarifies. BTW: table blocks and list blocks work fine with the “Company” field. Also, it doesn’t seem to matter which field I put in the conditional filter. They all error out, but if I take out all conditional filters then the chart block renders fine in the app.