Changing URL link to logos in header/footer

Hi everyone,

Our Softr site is a sub-site to our primary brand. I would like the logos in the header and footer to go to our primary brand website (which is designed via Hubspot per my business partner’s request :smirk:)

I’m not a savvy coder, so I need the easy solution to this, please.


Hey we will share a small code snippet tomorrow to address this. In the meantime can you pls share a link to check and test ?

Our URL is

Hey Carrie,

Please use this custom code to change the header logo URL.

To change the footer logo URL, please use the following.

document.body.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
    if ('#footer1 img')) {
		document.location.href = '';
    #footer1 img {
        cursor: pointer;


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Thanks! I figured it out!