Changing the margins between inline filters

Hi everyone - I just came back to using Softr after a few months of inactivity, and I noticed that the new list block update has made the margins between each filter option much larger than it used to be.

When going through the different setting options, it seems like I’m only able to adjust the height of the filter/tag itself rather then the space between them (i.e. the light grey space in the screenshot, rather than the space marked as red).

Is there a way to get these closer to each other without using custom code, the way it was prior to the update?


Hey @brorduktig,

Yeap, currently there is no option to do this without custom code. I will make sure to add this to our todo’s.


Can you try this code (in the header code of the page settings). Tested on a list block, it works like a charm.

 #list1 .css-c6v1cv {
  margin-bottom: 20px;

You will need to change the # with the right id/name of your block. Play with the ‘20px’ to adapt the space between your filters.

If this doesn’t work, tell me what type of block it is and where are located the filters (on the right or left)

Thanks Matthieu. I believe this would require a paid plan to add the custom code (please correct me if I’m wrong), but I was hoping to solve it without a paid plan.

Exactly, you would need a paid plan in order to solve it.