Changing templates

With the recent softr-universe, I am wondering if there are any best practices around changing templates? My current setup needs to change and I found a template I like but I’m wondering what the best path to take is, duplicate my current site and change everything then change the DNS settings later or is there a better way?

Hi @BobbyBrooks in any case, it requires connecting bases and mapping fields. The complexity mainly depends on how much you want to change in your current app, aligned with your chosen template’s design and structure. Regarding the custom domain, the process of adding it to the new template is simple: detach it from your current app, publish the updates and add it to the new template from Settings>Custom Domain, then again publish the updates.

When changing templates in Softr Universe, here’s a suggested approach:

  1. Duplicate Your Current Site
  2. Customize the New Template
  3. Test Thoroughly
  4. Update DNS Settings
  5. Backup

By following this approach, you can minimize downtime and potential disruptions to your website while ensuring a smooth transition to the new template.