Changing Airtable Data Source to OAuth

Apologies if this has been posted before!

My org has 3 different apps which use the same AT workspace as a data source. I’m currently trying to move from a data source tied to an API key (another AT user’s API key, at that) to one that’s authenticated by OAuth.

I have started by going through one of our smaller apps, checking every page that has an AT block, and changing the source. This has left some remaining blocks that I can’t locate which still use the API-key-authed connection, which I can see when I inspect where that Data Source is being used (from Softr’s workspace dashboard).

Is it possible to re-authenticate the existing connection, and have it switch to OAuth, so that I don’t need to keep playing whack-a-mole on all of these blocks?

Hey, you will need to follow the steps described here to OAuth your apps built in Softr using Airtable: Airtable – Softr Help Docs By the way, you do need to change any block manually, the flow will work when you generate the OAuth feature as mentioned in the help doc.