Changes in Footer - Several Requests

Here in the US, much of the advertising requires a Disclaimer or some verbiage in the footer of each page usually. The only way I have seem to do it, it not use the footer but rather above the footer in a separate block:

Static Block / Other / Simple Text. yes this works but it’s a real pain in the neck. A section needs to be added and I have seen disclaimers 400+ words for some affiliate advertising so it would be nice if it was on the front end a “text area” where you can also format (bold / alignment / etc).

The 2nd issue I have seen and I am sure it’s not just in the footer, but that’s where I have seen it. The text size, padding, alignment, etc should be variable for each device. so for instant on Secondary Footer, I can change while viewing in a mobile configurations the text size and padding. yet now these settings are display on the tablet or desktop settings, again there should be separate setting for each; Desktop / Tablet and Mobile.

Issue 3rd. It would be great if the secondary footer could have some alignment (left / right / center)

Thanks for the time,



Hey Jeff,

I’ve noticed the same thing - adjusting the alignment for headings and text blocks on mobile pages is almost impossible. Most of the time, centering the text is okay, but sometimes it needs to be left-aligned, for example. I use two versions for almost every section: 1. Desktop and 2. Mobile.

You can exclusively control the alignment in cards of list views or with simple text blocks - although, in the latter case, you can’t adjust the font weight (only normal or bold).

Until Softr provides a solution, you might consider using this approach (though it’s not ideal).