Change Static Gallery Transition Speed & Link Static Images to Pages?

Hey, it’s me again! I’ve set up a static sliding image gallery on my home page, but there are a couple of options I can’t figure out how to implement with custom code.

Essentially, I’d like to change the speed at which the gallery transitions between images and slow it down a couple of seconds. I find that it currently moves too quickly, however this might purely be me and my sensory issues.

The other question is: how do I make each static image link to a different site page? The gallery currently has 6 images of different groups, and I’d like users to be able to click on the image to be taken to the list details page about each group. For example, Image 1 links to the list details page for Group 1, Image 2 links to Group 2’s page, etc.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for asking so many questions! :slight_smile:

PS I would also maybe like a button under each image that has the group name or just a “More Info” sort of thing so users can click on that in addition to the image. If that’s at all possible.

Building off this…

I would also like to turn images in a sliding gallery to links. I am currently using the Sliding images banner with dots Block