Cascading / Hierarchical Inline Filters - can it be done?

Noob here.

I have a fairly large database in a List that I’d like to sort by US States and Cities.

I’ve created an Inline Filter with a tag for each US State— that’s working great.

The problem is, I have over 1000 Cities - way too many to comfortably display on a dropdown.

I need the City Inline Filter dropdown to only show Cities that are located in the currently selected US State, and hide the rest. A “prefilter”, if you will.

(I believe this is called a Cascading or Hierarchical Filter.)

Any thoughts?


I need this too. Would love to know the answer.

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Connected with co-founder on Artur on Twitter. He said this feature is on the Q4 backlog. Also asked team member Mario, still waiting on a reply from him.

Hopefully it will get built soon! It’s a critical component of my app.

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Same. It could make Softr the go-to-app for building resource/content libraries (like YC’s startup reading list), which more and more community platforms are integrating.

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: It’s very important for us :slight_smile:

Please note that this has been added as a feature request.

I am glad to hear that this option shall be available soon.
It is really important to be able to define hierachical dependancies between filters

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Really looking forward to this feature!

Related question - how do you populate the filter? Other than copying a large set of values into a filter field on a block, I don’t know what’s the right model. In a perfect world it would build a dynamic filter list based on the entries in a field (e.g. there might be 50 countries in my AT today and 53 in 2 weeks - my filter should be able to inspect Airtable and give me all of the unique options - e.g. 43).