Capturing website address input requires http://www

I am brand new, just signed up. Built my first input form. One of the fields I want to capture is the user’s website address. I am surprised that softr is requiring the “http://www.” at the beginning of the field.

It feels like I haven’t been required to type that when I’m giving my website address in, like, 10 years. Am I missing something? Or being unrealistic?

The reason I’m concerned is because my users may not be very Internet savvy and the error message that simply states “please enter a valid url” doesn’t tell them to add “http://www.” at the beginning. They will get frustrated and leave. I got frustrated, and I built the form! It took me a while to figure out how much I have to add to make it acceptable.

Thanks for help, suggestions.

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I didn’t know this was the case, thanks for sharing those details …

Perhaps a work-around is to change the field type to a single line of text?

In Airtable you could add a second field, using a formula to reference the single line of text field, to format it is a URL.

I second @MarkSchofield and try changing the field type to a line of text. If you are mapping this form field to an airtable URL field type, there is no need to enter or reformat your links with ‘https//www’ to be clickable. However, if you need the standard https…format then an extra formula field will be required.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it later today.

We will look into this…

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Any update on this?

@Ben we have been building new versions of forms to be released soon… :smiley: but will see if we can easily add into current forms too