Capture Login Page (or Domain) When Using Google Sign In or Email Code

Building off of this thread and others regarding the security imperative for email addresses to be confirmed, I am trying to move to two user registration choices: 1) Google and 2) email code.

I have multiple Softr sites connected to the same AT base. In order to ensure that each user only has access to their own records (and not those from another site), I need to know which site they used to sign up. Is there a way to pass the URL or domain to my Users table (or some other way I’m not considering) to know where each user came from? Thank you.

I think after the user signs up, you can redirect them to a page with one single button reading like ‘continue here’ which in reality is a form with only one field of type hidden, and then you can have better idea of the type of user into your app.

Another idea can be making use of the custom groups to redirect the users to different URLs after signing in, depending on their profile.


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