Cant get filters to work

hi all,

IM trying to make some filters in softer for price range. So Im using airtable formulas such as the following to create a text field.

IF({Rent Price}<1,“”,
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=1,{Rent Price}<=10000), '฿0-฿10,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=10000,{Rent Price}<=15000), '฿10,000-฿15,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=15000,{Rent Price}<=20000), '฿15,000-฿20,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=20000,{Rent Price}<=25000), '฿20,000-฿25,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=25000,{Rent Price}<=30000), '฿25,000-฿30,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=30000,{Rent Price}<=40000), '฿30,000-฿40,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=40000,{Rent Price}<=50000), '฿40,000-฿50,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=50000,{Rent Price}<=75000), '฿50,000-฿75,000 ', “”),
IF(AND({Rent Price}>=75000,{Rent Price}<=100000), '฿75,000-฿100,000 ', “”),
IF({Rent Price}>=100000, ‘฿100,000+’,

I then add this text field to a field on a block with vertical cards with tags. However Im unable to get filters working. At first I thought it was due to the fact that some listings might be in both groups. for example a listing that’s 20k, it would say 15,000-20,000 and 20,000-25,000.

But I tested on a card with just one category and it still doesn’t work. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

In Webflow searching.filtering is pretty straight forward but I think I’m missing something here. I did get this to work in the past I thought.

Hi @AlexCph you will need to have single select, multi select or linked record in order to connect your Inline Filter to datasource and filter the results. You can create select options from other field values with the help of script

What i ended up doing was simply making sure that the filters never overlapped. That solved it really.