Cannot import more than 10 users

I am currently experiencing an issue when attempting to import users to my Softr app from a CSV file containing 19 users. After importing the CSV, all 19 users are successfully added to Softr, but only 10 appear in Airtable. I tried splitting the CSV into two parts (10 users and 9 users), and the first import worked as expected, with 10 users added to both Softr and Airtable. However, when I import the second part containing 9 users, although Softr adds the 9 users correctly, none of them appear in Airtable.

As a temporary solution, I am considering manually importing the missing users directly to Airtable. Would this approach work? If so, will the manually imported users in Airtable still be linked to their respective Softr accounts?

Any assistance or guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.