Can we fill the value of a Form's Hidden Field with a variable defined in a custom code block?

I see that variables we can pass into a Hidden Field include:

  • Logged in user’s Name / Email
  • Fields on AirTable’s User table
  • URL Parameters

I’m wondering if there’s a way (or workaround) we can define a variable in a custom code block and fill this into a Hidden Field to let that handle the submission?

(custom code block)
let dogType = “corgi”

(custom form block)
Hidden Field’s Value = {dogType}

Submit → AirTable receives the {dogType} as “corgi”

The goal here is to use a custom code block to dynamically set a variable’s value, and then let native Softr forms send the value to AirTable.

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Hi i am trying to figure this out too,


just wondering have you guys success ?? for this func.
i submit costume value with {parameterName}, and yup it doesnt work…