Can i pay only to remove the "Made with Softr" badge in the free plan?

Hi guy´s, how´s going?

I recently decided to create my portfolio in Softr about 3 days. I loved the tool, is literally a rapid development tool. I created my portfolio in one day. The free plan is good for what i need including the ability to put a custom domain. However, the badge in the bottom bothers me a little. It´s beyond my conditions to pay $29 to only have my simple portfolio.

If have a “pay to remove brand” option, it would be wonderful because is simply what i need.

Is there a chance this option come and see the sun or it´s not on Softr plans? I think other developers could have the same issue.

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Freemium is freemium :slight_smile:

Hey @osamuelleal,

Firstly, let me thank you for loving Softr :star_struck: We appreciate it a lot.

I can pass your feedback to our product team, but I am not sure that we will add such an option :frowning:

There is also a good point, everyone will see that you love Softr :heart_eyes:

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