Can I build an interface to automate powerpoint presentations?

New here and no idea if Softr is the right solution for me.

I’m looking to build an interface where users can log in, upload photos and some text, and a Google Slides/PPT is created automatically for them within the interface.

Should I be using Softr for this?

Hey @suspiciouscat291,

Just thought of a possible workaround which can be done with Softr+Airtable+Documint :slight_smile:

What I think is that you can create a custom form with the help of which you will be able to gather the needed data (photos, text etc) and then you can make a setup to generate a document based on the info in Airtable.

Please, check this documentation.


Hi Suzie! Thanks for the response.

I’m new to low-code/no code. Can you give a brief explanation of what each of those features do and who they work with one another?