Call API rebrand

I was a little surprised with the Call API rebrand. To me, that implies that we can retrieve data back and use it in the interface.

For example: Make and Zapier are known for webhooks - the expectation that you can kick off a process, but you’re not retrieving data back to the originating system.

Vs. Fastgen/Buildship/Xano where you’re building an API to be used to retrieve data.

Are there plans to be able to retrieve data back to the UI or send it to the data source?

@automationhelpers we will be experimenting with having REST API as a datasource, once we add that API as a datasource will act for Reading and visualizing the data while the actions with Call API would be do perform data modification calls…

We rebranded as webhook was a wrong term… webhook is when one system notifies another system when some events are happening… e.g. Stripe has a webhook we can subscribe and listen when new customer is being created… so. webhook was a wrong term there…

Call API as an action button is mostly to trigger Create/Update/Delete/GET*(as trigger) calls