Calendar event different info than whats in Event Popover PLUS different in Post Details Page?!

I’m a bit confused here … needing some help!

I have a page that shows a Content Calendar (or a calendar dynamic block) that is pulling from a table within Airtable called “Content Calendar”. I’ve mapped the Event Title to the “Post Name” (primary field), put the Start date and time as well as End date and time to “Post Date” so it shows as a one-day event. I wrote a formula that generates a hex code based on the Status of the post so you can get a high-level view of the Status of the Post.

This all works great! But here’s what I can’t figure out: the fields in the “Event Popup” are from completely different Airtable records (or posts):

This goes even FURTHER by showing ANOTHER completely different Airtable record when you click on the Event Popover button which I have set to go to “Open details page”:

These are ALL mapped to the same Table within Airtable (Content Calendar), so there’s something that isn’t connected here … and I can’t figure out what.

This is probably horribly simple, but I’m spinning my wheels!

How can I make the Event Popover AND the Details page show the info for the record (Post) that they’re clicking on the calendar for?

Hey @strupek thank you for reporting. There was an issue that we already fixed. It shows the correct data now