Calendar Block not updating event time/date correctly

Hello found ghosts using calendar block, maybe there’s a bug here.

In my case, all records in airtable are shown perfectly and created perfectly from softr. First problem come when updating an event: in edit window date is ok but time is modified, and when saving the record again it’s again modified.

This can be avoided using UTM time for all colaborators, which for me is fine because I only work in one time zone.

The second issue is again updating a record, not only it would modify the time but also the date, moving it to the day before.

I double checked around but I don’t see where the problem might be, and also I’m surprised that nobody else wrote here about this behaviour.

Thanks a lot!!

Well I have another guess for the date issue… maybe is it because I use European date format?

Hello @angelillo,

Do you use Airtable as a data source? If yes, you can set up the timezone with the help of Airtable settings. sharing the screenshot so you can see where are the settings.

If the timezone of Date formatting isn’t reflected correctly in Softr, I would suggest using a Formula field with DateTime Format formula, so the applied timezone could be reflected in Softr other blocks. Here is the formula and here is an article about it if you need to know more details:



Date, 'America/Los_Angeles'),

'M/D/Y h:mm A'


We are working on fixing this issue though.

Thank you Suzie,

Yes I’m working with Airtable. That works but not fully, let me explain myself.

The date issue still happens: after any update date changes magically to -1 day

The time issue: yes if you keep GMT time in datetime field then it won’t change the hour everytime you update, and yes you can make that formula to show local time… but when you update the modal update window works with GMT times, so it is a matter of minutes to get everyone crazy and provoke mistakes =)

Also, colors doesn’t work. When airtable item has a defined color its shown in grey color. If no color is chosen each event has a random different color.

Hey @angelillo,

This issue should be fixed now, if you have a moment, please double check and let me know :slight_smile: