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Is it possible to assign colours to calendar block events based on something other than the start and end date? I realize that according to the help article this is not possible so I am looking to see if anyone has a work around other than embedding an airtable calendar? The use case is to visually identify the status of projects on the calendar. Airtable is my datasource and there are 3 project status options.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure I understand your question, but I believe you can specify the color for your event based on custom values entered in your table from airtable.

This is what my data looks like. I want to map the event colour to the airtable status field instead of having colour assigned by a single select field that I would have to go choose a colour for every different event. The status field already automatically has a colour assignment plan and I would like the event colour to be based off that rather than the event dates.
I suppose I could have an airtable automation to assign the colour to a single select field and change it as statuses are updated but I would really like to know if anyone has a more elegant solution.

formula field with a switch.

SWITCH({Status Field},

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Thanks @Sean_Wilson !

No worries, my formula has some syntax errors. The switch I used was:
SWITCH({Task Status},





“In Progress”,“#7a39e8

And the formula field is called “Softr_Event_Colours”

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