Buy Now Pay Later ? - Stripe

I’m trying to see if Softr can work for me. I use Stripe’s integration with BNPL apps like Klarna & Affirm. I have them enabled directly through Stripe. I integrated my Stripe account and created a payment block in Softr and I’m not seeing either of my BNPL options so I’m wondering if this is simply not possible with Softr or if there are some extra steps I need to take to enable this. Anyone made this happen yet?

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Have you published the app? Or are you viewing it in preview mode?

Just in preview mode. I haven’t dived into softr yet, I just want to make sure it can accomplish what I need done before getting in there.

I know that a lot of the integrations that pull data work better (or at all) after you publish the app. Especially when it comes to API requests. Can you try it in publish to see how it reacts? I am in no way an expert but i know at least this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip! So I haven’t actually created anything (other than the integration itself) but I published it and its still the same unfortunately. I was going to post a link but apparently its not allowed so here is a screenshot:

It’s definitely enabled in stripe itself!