Buttons for Data Entry?

Hello softr community!

I am trying to set up a way to quickly enter sports statistics with a mobile device.

Sports are fast paced and complex and actions that get recorded come and go very quickly.

I think the most effective way would be to have button columns on a screen.

The first column would have buttons for each player.

The second column would have buttons for each statistic…

  • Shot on goal (missed)
  • Shot on goal (saved by keeper)
  • Shot on goal (SCORE)
  • and the list can go on…

I scanned through some of the tutorial videos on Youtube. They’re great, but the content for buttons doesn’t really fit what I’m looking for that I could find. I’m basically wanting a button selection to trigger the first entry in my AirTable grid (player) and then the second button selection would assign that “statistic” to that player and complete that record.

I have ideas for pivot tables and what to do with the records when I get them. I just am looking for the basic trick to get the buttons on an interface that let me select and the player and statistic and send them to my table.

Thanks ahead of time if you have a chance to send a suggestion!


Hi Mike, if it’s just you entering this data, would an Airtable form do the trick? If not, a Softr form?

It looks like you’d be using linked records and/or single select fields. I’ve done the same with Airtable, to use on my mobile phone, and it was a quick win to do it this way to get the data in Airtable.

Softr is what I use to later display that data, and have other people get different views, and give various edit permissions.