Button Visibility based on Linked Field value appearing in record

Hi all!

Hoping for some input - been hitting brick walls on this one.

In my Airtable base I have two tables, ‘Provider Leads’ and ‘Locations’. The tables have a linked field, multi-select on the ‘Provider Leads’ table and single-select on the ‘Locations’ table - see images below.

Provider Leads Table:

Locations Table:

In a “Provider Lead” details page, I have a list block linked to the “Locations” table - see below.

I want to show an “Add Location” button when the “Location” table’s ‘Location’ field value is not present in the “Provider Lead” ‘Interested Locations’ field, and to show a “Remove Location” when it is found.

In plain English…if a Provider Lead already has a Location in it’s Interested Locations field, it will show “Remove Location”, and vice versa.

I am trying to set the item button visibility on these parameters:

‘Add Location’ Button Visibility:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 13.58.04

‘Remove Location’ Button Visibility:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 13.59.12

However, this does not seem to correctly apply to the visibility rules. In the screenshot below, you can clearly see that the “Interested Locations” field includes ‘Greater London’, yet the list item shows the “Add Location” button (on all list items).

Please note I have also tried to compare the strings, i.e.: ‘Location Name’ in “Locations” table with ‘Interested Locations - String’ in “Provider Leads” table - nothing doing…

Help! :rofl:

Thanks in advance

Side/bonus question. Are there any other recommendations for how a user can be presented a searchable list of linked record values and update their record directly rather than going via an automation service via API.

hi @marcuswonder

I don’t have too much value to add yet, but instead of using “Is none of” can you use “Is empty”? Thinking if it’s empty, you want it to show, and if it’s not empty, you want it to include “remove”?

Thanks Jjenglert, but I need to check whether the value does indeed appear. Most fields will have a value, hence the need to have the “Remove Location” button.

I was curious to know whether linked fields in Airtable actually contained the same objects, or whether they were only the same construction and have confirmed that they do share both id and name (although not colour…). Therefore, I do believe that this is a Softr problem rather than an Airtable one.

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Hi Marcus, do you have a page URL you can share perhaps? You can email me at austin@softr.io

And just to check, have you tried using "Location name’ <> “Interested location” (linked field)?

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I’d also suggest contacting support at this time for the most timely response time - they can also get in the weeds with you on this!