Button URL - Airtable FIeld Value

Hi all

New to Softr but have a pretty detailed Airtable base in place that I’m building a Client Portal off.

In Airtable, I have a formula field against each Contact with a custom pre-filled link if they wish to book in my calendar, simply to prevent them re-entering their information, and to instantly automate events and actions back to that specific person.

I was hoping when I created a button in Softr that I could set the value = the field value in Airtable but I don’t see this option.

The final URL should look like this.

https://cal.com/abcdef/consult?name={logged in username}&email={logged in email}&AirtableID={Airtable Contact ID}

Is there a magical way for me to either reference my Airtable field to dynamically populate the button URL, or alternatively, any other way at all to provide a dynamic link in this manner, please?

Thanks, Brendan

Hey nocode,

That depends a little on what block you are using. If you use a list details block you can create an action button “open URL” which can refer to the URL you posted. Currently there is no dynamic tokens available for external URL’s if it is not a details list block. However, there are workarounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the reply Marc.

I was using a static block, and your response mentioning dynamic block gave me that slap on the forehead moment… of course I can’t use a static block for this.

So solved this thank you, simply by using a dynamic list. What an idiot!

Thanks so much for your prompt response.

Happens to the best of us! Glad you can continue.

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