Button Menu Block

Are there plans to add a Simple Button Block for navigation?

I know the CTA blocks exist, and they’re just about what I’m talking about.
Adding the ability to add Icons and change size to stylize would be amazing.

Right now I’m accomplishing the same use by creating a Feature Grid with Sections and then uploading PNGs of the icons I want to use, removing the helper text and adding Click Actions to each “Feature.”

Adding individual visibility options to the buttons would also be a way to create user-group specific experiences without having to make multiple blocks that accomplish the same goal.

My use case has several user groups with access to many of the same pages, but not all, so I’m duplicating The Feature Grid, and setting it’s visibility based on user group, I know there has to be a more elegant solution that doesn’t require reworking 5 blocks when the higher ups decide that the Library icon should change, or that a page/feature name should change.