Bulk-updating dropdown list options

Hi Community.

Some blocks offer dropdown list field types where the options can be entered manually into the blocks configuration.

Works great when you have a handful of options.
I have field with a few dozen options. I can’t figure out a way to bulk load and then bulk-update the options, without having to re-enter them. Also, I can’t figure out a way to add an option in the middle of the group. Looks like I can only tack one to the end. Also, clicking/dragging of options left-right along the listing doesn’t seem to work either.

My options need to be listed alphabetically. So, if later I need to add an option that should go somewhere toward the beginning of the list, am I supposed to yank out all the subsequent options, enter the new one and then re-add the subsequent ones?

What if I accidentally make a typo in one of my options? Same thing, do I have to yank out the subsequent ones, correct the one with a typo and then re-add the subsequent ones?

This is a lot work!

Any suggestions on how to make this sustainable would be appreciated.


This has been asked for repeatedly for months and the Softr team continues to say “it’s on the list”.
When you add new items, go back to the airtable and sort the field alphabetically.

Yep it’s a must have.

In my case, in order to speed up the edit in the softr studio, I created an Airtable base with 2 tables

  • a first table where each record puts a possibility for the drop-down menu in softr,
  • a second table where I name my studio filter,

I create a first>second record link and in the second table I add a rollup field Ith formula


This allows me to copy and paste the possible variables of a filter very quickly in softr (press the enter key after pasting the text) but also to keep track of the variables allowing to filter (in my case it is filter with several dozen variables)

If it can help :v:t3:

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Thanks Lea. It does help.

I love Softr, but this is silly. There has to be a more sustainable way. Of course, ideally, the field should link up to the Airtable’s options automatically. But at least alternatively, the Options field in Softr should allow for the option “bubbles” to be shiftable left/right by draggin/dropping. That way I could add a new value at the end and then drag it left to where it belongs in the list.