Bulk Table and List Actions

A “nice-to-have”…

It would be great to have the ability to bulk update records in a list or table.

For example, instead of an “edit record” action button on each table row, have one “edit record” action button at the top and be able to select rows or list items with a checkmark at the start of each row. The top action button would then apply changes to all selected rows.

Hi @nocodeking you mean updating them all with the same values(records) in bulk with just one button?

I have a similar usecase that I’ve configured a work around for using automations and fillout forms: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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I have a similar use case. Ideally, I would like to select records from a list via checkbox, and when an action button is clicked, I can fill out a form that creates a child record linking to all of the “checked” records.

Hey folks, thank you for the details, now it is understandable. I will go ahead and add a feature request :+1:

@danyalamriben thank you for the workaround :heart_eyes:

absolutely! it could definitely be improved, but it “works” haha. When I think about how it could work via softr, I will admit that it sounds like a pretty involved feature. But I think having some way of “select all to apply action to” would be very beneficial across several different use cases!


This would also be helpful for “bulk delete”. If someone needs to delete a bunch of records at once, they’d be able to check all the applicable rows and then just hit a single delete button on top.

Hey @nocodeking,

Thanks for the details. This feature request has been added :slight_smile:

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Related idea to checkmarks for lists and tables- push Airtable record id’s of selected records as webhook parameters.

It would be awesome for automations with Make for example- printing records, bulk edit, creating CSV/ XML only for selected records with selected data and so on.
Each webhook (separate action) can have own button (or even button is separate parameter).

Have a great day!