Bug with filter embed

Hello everyone
I use a block embed function (softr doc) filtered on an inline filter following this code ?filter-by-ID= :

<iframe id="softr-frgerfrf-1ad1-42f29180e561f-list1" src="https://myurl.softr.app/embed/pages/frgerfrf-1ad1-42f29180e561f/blocks/list1?filter-by-ID=xx" width="100%" height="800" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" style="border: 1px solid #DCDCDC;     border-radius: 10px; background-color: #F6FAFB;"></iframe>

But finally I would like to use a page embed function, but I can’t reproduce the filter with ?filter-by-ID= Anyone know the syntax?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Léa,

It must work if you put the “filter-by” parameter after the source URL in the page embed code. Like this:

<iframe id="softr-we-erw45hrubuyt23" src="https://example.softr.app?filter-by-Onsite%20interview%20score=0"

This worked on my test page:

Ok thanks, to be clear for others, the answer is obviously to use URL?filter-by, URL is the original URL and not the URL from the studio page. I confused the concepts starting from embedding blocks. Thanks David :white_check_mark:

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