Buenas from Spain

Hi there, I’m Stefan, a german guy who recently move to Spain. Just love the lifestyle and weather over here. I stumbled over Softr a few weeks ago in search of a solution for a customer of mine. Love the platform, the speed in which one can create full web applications is incredible. It has it’s limitations and quirks, but who hasn’t? :joy:

I build automations and workflows leveraging no-code and low-code tools for my customers, mostly D2C e-commerce brands. Since the tools are getting more capable, the solutions are turning in full web apps more and more. Love, how anybody can build really good stuff now without going the full learning how to code route. It doesn’t hurt to know some basics, though.

Have fun building :call_me_hand:

Hey Stefan! Welcome to the community, I’m in Cape Town, Sunny South Africa!

I’m keen to hear what you’re building for your clients.
I’m always looking for collabortion opportunities.

Hi Bryan. Thank you. My first project with Softr was for a manufacturer of handmade, customizable (and therefore expensive) gaming chairs. Prospects wanted to try out the chair before buying and since the company has no retail shops, they set up a programm where existing customers would let prospects coming to their home and let them see and try out the chair. For every visit they would get a commission.

So I built an Airtable database, a form where customers can register and a map which shows the approx. location (w/o showing the personal details, just the details of the chair) and the possibility to filter for size, features etc. All embedded in a Shopify store page.

Prospects could click any location and fill out a contact form. The details would get send to the customer who then could decide to take that appointment or not. If the prospects visit, he/she scans a QR code created by an affiliate tool to make sure the customer gets his commission.

All done with Airtable, Softr, ActiveCampain, Shopify and Zapier. Lots of automation in the background. It was really fun to build, but in the end I had to replace the Softr part (the interactive map) with a coded solution, because it was not customizable enough. Anyway, I learned a lot about Softr and using it for a few other projects now.

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