Boringlaunch: Boost your SEO and Sales in 7 days

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Karan. We had this idea of starting a service for AI startups, but not powered by AI.

I was looking for a no-code platform to create a service for listing AI products on 100+ platforms, and my journey began with Softr.

I integrated the database with Google sheets, and with just a few clicks, our platform listings were completed—a true ‘Aha’ moment for me.

In just 24 hours, we built and it’s now live!

I’m new to this platform, but I’m excited to lend a hand.

Thanks for having me!

P.S. We have launched 2 products using Softr in last 30 days.

Hello, do you offer any services for non AI startups?

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

Currently, we offer services for AI startups only.

Last month, we provided services to promote Black Friday deals across multiple directories!

Could you please specify what you’re looking for? We can collaborate on it in the near future.

Ok. So am working on a startup that empowers busy couples to enjoy quality Datenight experiences together without the hassle of researching, planning, logistics… we offer a tailored + concierge service and unique Datenight ideas. I will like to learn if this aligns with your service and how we can possibly collaborate

So you were looking for optimizing’s SEO for your platform?

Yes, and to reach my target audiences on major platforms

Understood, currently we are limited to AI startups.

But I think you can start creating assets for your platforms like blog, guest posts, etc to boost SEO.

Happy building :rocket:

Your story about Boringlaunch really caught my eye. I’ve been in the digital game for a while now, always on the lookout for cool projects like yours.

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Your journey with Softr and building Boringlaunch in just 24 hours? That’s impressive, man.
Using Google Sheets to power your database integration? Genius move. And the fact that you’ve already launched two products with Softr in the last month? That’s some serious hustle.

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Thanks Andrew. What are you building?

Thanks Kabir, I have a cool co-founder. So we are team of 2.

By the way what project you are working or planning to work on?

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