Book Sharing App built with Softr and it's called Mindful


Wanted to share a free book sharing app that I built (with my team mate) using Softr/Airtable/Zapier. This app is more of a side hustle for me, as the concept is close to my heart. I’m a minimalist and believe a lot in sharing and re-use.

Here is the link: (I purchased a domain and will map it to that very soon)

It has the following features:

  1. Member Sign up/Sign in
  2. Members can add Books. There are 2 options, 1, they can add a book themselves, one by one 2, they can just list the name and author of books they’d like to share and the admin gets notified. The admin then adds the book on the member’s behalf
  3. Members can Add books to Bag (think a shopping cart). These are that they wish to borrow from a fellow member
  4. Once they select the books they want, they can place an Order. This notifies the Book Owner regarding the Order details
  5. Mindful will not handle logistics to send/receive books though. I left that task to the members who send/receive books. We are all grownups and I assumed this can be handled on their own :smile:
  6. The full cycle of capturing “Books Received”, “Books Returned” has been provisioned
  7. Members can also thank the Book Owner when they return the Books
  8. There is a simple FAQ section as well as Contact Us section
  9. I integrated with Substack for sending newsletters.
  10. I used a lot of Zaps as Order placement is not a straight forward one. Likewise with changing few values in the backend
  11. Email is the mode of communication between members while they place orders. I use Zapier’s email for that.

Feel free to check it out and share your feedback, suggestions. Don’t hesitate to sign up too, don’t worry I won’t spam :grin:

Note: Once you sign up, you will see books if only there are members who already shared books in your City. Since it’s in beta, there are very few members and all are from the city where I live. If you’d like to see the books without any filters, let me know and I can remove it.


Nice job!

It still reads 2023 in the footer.

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Nice catch @acjnas . Just changed it!

Great work putting this together, and thanks for sharing it with us! Welcome to the community :raised_hands:t2:

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Great initiative @prettycold and thanks for sharing here!

I created an account and uploaded a book. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in Berlin area :frowning:

If happens that someone asked me to borrow, should we arrange ourselves a delivery arrangement? In the subscription form, there is no field for emails: how can other users reach out me?


That’s so cool @gfranco . Thanks a lot. Yep, I haven’t started to market it yet, so there is less number of users.

Yes, delivery of books need to be handled by borrower/lender as I felt it will be a fair ask. Another reason for deliberately leaving it out is because transportation works differently in different countries, since I plan to keep it free forever and the idea was only to build a like minded community, I thought it’ll be an opportunity for members to get to know one another.

To the contrary, I also had a hesitation in terms of safety issues, but didn’t want to overthink at this point of time :grinning:

I welcome any feedback/thoughts you may have with respect to sending the books.