Block update breaks mapping

Issue is that I keep getting the notification about an updated version of my block. I have updated and even remapped my blocks to airtable…yet it still keeps happening. I update the block and it says the same thing. So I click on it again, and it adds the new block to my page…and then I remap and it does it again. Is this an issue of not publishing quick enough?

@Dustin can you pls share a recording with me ? sounds like a bug

I think I got it figured out.

There was an issue yesterday where my connection to airtable broke and I had to remap everything. In that process I also got the notifications about updated blocks…so I added the new ones without deleting the old one which kept the prompt visible.

I have since updated all my blocks, again.

Shout out on the Action Button progress! It’s been a little while since I’ve built in softr but really like your updates.

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