Blank space under my header

Hi there! when i published/visualized my website, there is a huge blank space under my header and my hero feature.

For information, I have 3 different headers (one for my student portal, one for my clients and one for everybody). I already set the paddings at the minimum.

Anyone have any idea about it ? It would help me very much !

Thank you!!

Hi @seren can you please, provide a published page link and If needed, also a magic link so that I can see the headers?

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Hello @seren, most probably you have 2 fixed headers on the same page that’s why it’s working that way, just disable one. We don’t support 2 fixed headers on the same page.

Hello and thanks for your ansewers! Yes, I have 3 differents headers but i can’t delete them because I need one for my logged users and another one for the unlogged users… How can I delete the blank space then??

Here a capture of my screen :

Thank you!

Hi @seren can you please, disable this toggle on one of your headers If it is enabled?

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Thank you @Maria it’s working !

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