Best way to implement push notification

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking for the best way to implement push notifications on my apps, that would be triggered by Airtable data. For example: when someone posts a new item (= new row in Airtable), all followers of this person get notified.

I’ve seen different threads mentioning push notification provider but none of them mention a way/tool that is successful and integrates a step-by-step guide to actually implement that.

Any ideas/recos?


Hey !

Have you tried the services from

it integrates well with airtable.

Hope that works

Hi @acjnas, thanks for your reply!

According to their website, it seems like this is a solution for me to get notified of specific events but not to send push notifications to the users of my app, am I correct?

As I understand, the user must install their app, in order to get push notifications on the airtable events that you setup.