Best way to handle multiple user groups where some overlap?

I’m building a 2-sided marketplace for companies to find vetted AI professionals.

Question I’m running into: we want to have > 2 user groups:

  • AI Pros
  • AI Pro Seekers (companies)

They will ideally have different user experiences.

However, some people have indicated they’d like to be part of both – such as AI Agency owners who want to both secure work through the platform, as well as hire part-time / fractional people to supplement their own team as needed.

What’s the best way to handle this?

Create a 3rd user group for these types of people? Require them to set up 2 accounts? (Not ideal for them I assume) Or, somehow design the pages so that either user type CAN see the other info their user group wouldn’t typically see, but only if they pass through certain pages…?

I’d like to keep my view of the pages pretty clear so I’m not junking them up with a gazillion different user interfaces/experiences all in one… but my top priority is having a seamless and clear experience on the user side.

Also, should I create separate signup pages & forms for Pros, Pro Seekers (and/or ‘Both’ people) – or just have them choose as the dropdown item in one signup form that everyone uses?

Thanks for any guidance!