Best way for static (text) pages with formatting and headings

hey there
i have difficulties generating a static page with headers and formatting. i am currently using the “simple text” block but formatting within the “Text” box is super cumbersome. has anyone a good solution for generating static content that can be formatted with formatting inherited from i guess the “Styles” settings? when simply using <h1> tags for example, the formatting seems nothing like the formatting of the other blocks…

thanks for tipps!

Have you tried storing the text in Airtable in a field of type Long Text? You can configure a List Details block to fetch a single named record from Airtable and display it. You can use either HTML or Markdown as the formatting. You can also include images in this rich text, so long as you upload them to Softr and then reference them with <img> tags.

For H1 tags we have been using Hero blocks and striping the rest and then adding other content via simple text. Soon we will give options on each block to decide the heading type too.

So I should be coding HTML inside an Airtable database cell and push that to softr to display it in a list-detail block in order to display a simple static page? To be honest, that doesn’t sound like a “solution” more like a rather convoluted workaround. :smiley: That is really not the kind of solution i was hoping for.

it would already help if the “text-editor” for the simple text block would behave properly…as of now it takes formatting even if i paste text without formatting, the color picker doesn’t seem to be synced with anything outside and the formatting option also dont seem to reflect the rest of the blocks…