Best support for Stripe billing?

Hello, I have some problems with Stripe billing and important features I don’t see yet.

Today when I have a monthly and a yearly plan, if I change between both I don’t have prorata billing so it’s disturbing if you upgrade for a better plan during the month (for example), you just lose the money until the end of the month…

And if you come from annual plan to monthly plan, you just subscribe twice.

And all previous bills history disappears to let only the last subscription available even if you buy other plans…

Will you change this behavior with a prorata subscription ?

Yet, I have to mask the “Choose your plan” block when the user subscribe and replace it with “Contact your account manager to change the plan” and disable the Change Plan button in simple billing form block so the user can only unsubscribe.

Thanks for the answers


Hey Charles, all this is supposed to be setup in Stripe. Inside the client portal options and inside the pricing setup of a product. (for subscribing twice and prorata issues you have).

Prorata subscription has nothing to do with Softr, Imo.

In order to let your users do it correctly, setup correctly Stripe then use the Stripe customer portal Block.


UPDATE: You may use the stripe billing block only. In that case, yes, there would be a problem.

My workflow to make it work is to redirect directly the non paid users to the stripe billing block (as they don’t have any stripe portal yet) from a CTA block A (or other with a button) and to redirect the paid users that want to upgrade/downgrade to the stripe portal block by duplicating the block A with a different redirect within the button.

Everything written in the comment above must be applied inside Stripe to not have any issues like double subscription or other.

Hello Matthieu and thanks for the quick answer.

In fact, when you activate the billing portal in Stripe Parameters and you set up the good prorata, the Stripe Customer Portal bloc (the text+CTA) works wells and allows user to update his subscription alone. The invoices appears well with the good amount.

My request was for the default behavior of this block. Like you, I hide the Pricing Block for users with a plan and only show the Stripe Customer Portal Block in the user account to allow him the change, but it can be tricky for the beginners…

Have a good day :wink:


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