Best Practices for Sign Up / Check Out Subscriptions

So looking for some advice here.

I am building a mutli tier subscription site but am having some issues with checkout/user sign up. there’s two scenarios:

  1. If i have a pricing table on homepage and the user clicks on it it directs them to my external stripe checkout page. Upon successful completion, it redirects them back to my site to sign up. A couple of questions:
  • How do I pass the email they used to pay into the sign up page?
  • If the user doesn’t create an account, but has paid, how should you handle this scenario?
  1. If the user clicks on any other call to action on the homepage, it takes them to Sign Up Page. Upon signing up, how do should they select a subscription? How would you handle someone in that state coming back to the website?
  • The checkout form doesn’t support multiple subscription types - how can you handle this?
  • If the idea is for them to get redirected to the payment form, how should they select the subscription type?
  • In the scenario that someone signs up but doesn’t pay, how should that be handled? How would you handle someone in that state coming back to the website?

Thank you!

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hey @hvellani did you figure this out?

I ended up making users sign up first; then get directed to the stripe checkout & back to the product they paid for access to. It’s a bit clunky and I’m trying to find a better way!

You can use webhook events from Stripe and an automation platform like Make. When a new subscription is created, trigger the webhook which starts an automation workflow of creating a customer in Softr using the details from Stripe. Softr have a Make module which makes things a ton easier. This can in essence force an account to be created for the user as soon as the Stripe payment goes through.

The way I solved for this is having duplicate copies of my pricing block and using user groups to control which pricing block is displayed.

If logged out user: All buttons on pricing page go to sign up page

If logged in and no subscription: All buttons use Plan/Price ID, take user to Stripe to purchase

If logged in and any subscription: All buttons take user to Stripe to change subscription using Stripe customer portal link.

Stripe also has a feature that allows users to only have one subscription and forces them to modify their existing subscription if they try to buy a second one. I haven’t personally tested this yet.