Baserow integration


I want to leave airtable in the next couple of weeks, because my upcoming data will use some more capacity …
So I’d like to know, if there are any plans to offer a baserow integration or if there are any other API solutions & experiences to connect Softr with a database like baserow.

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Having seen anything regarding alternative data sources with the exception of xano, achieved by Jamie.

The latest news I read here in the community, was that smartsuite was being considered as datasource but sadly it has the exact same record limits as airtable.

Hey guys, indeed, we are considering adding new databases to Softr this year. The plans are to add data sources like SQL, SmartSuite, BigQuery and RestAPI. Unfortunately, we can not give any ETAs currently on release dates and which one from the list will be added first, but we assure you that we are working hard in this direction.


Hopefully RestAPI is the first one to come out. I know it sounds backwards but that opens the door to 99% of data sources, including SQL.

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Tthanks for sharing your feedback. We will announce as soon as we have a final decision on the next data source.