Bardeen Use Case

Is anyone playing with Bardeen extension.?? My doubt is just to know if is it possible to create a button inside Softr`s client app, so the client presh a button and get an scraping of Linkedin person. I am looking for the way to do it…

It is clear to do it for my personal jobs, but to use it for my client…???

Hey @raul_lopez, nope, we do not have a native integration with the Bardeen extension, but, regardless, you can have a button in your app (List Details block) pressing on which a LinkedIn account will be opened. You will need to add an Action Button → Item Details Button → Open URL and link the corresponding column with the LinkedIn links. As soon as you press on it, the LinkedIn profile will be opened.

Thanks @Marine.Hovhannisyan , ok but the case would be to press de button, so it make a web scrapping of linkedin´s page that is oppened in another window. I think it is not possible at all in Softr, I will try from Airtable or Google sheet with an action… Thanks for your response

Hey @raul_lopez, thanks for the clarification. Nope, web scrapping of LinkedIn won’t be possible to do with our button clicks. However, it can be that Airtable Automations or Googe offer such a feature.

Please update us on your progress when you manage to build such a feature, it will be helpful for other users too!