Back/return button

Consider the structure

Industry segment > Company > Product

For each of those areas I have a LIST PAGE and a DETAILS PAGE

So when I have Company detail, I list all its products… when someone clicks a product, they are sent to the product page. pretty simple


I need a “return/back” button, on the product single page, that sends the person back to the parent company single/individual page

I cannot find this function

Hi Gustavo, I hope the solution that I suggested via chat earlier helped you otherwise let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d be curious as well!
Currently, I just add an action button for that

Hi @Tim_ClimatEU, yes currently it is possible to do with action button only. What was suggested is adding Item button from Action buttons to open url and connect it to formula
CONCATENATE('’, RECORD_ID()) field in Airtable which generates each list detail page url with corresponding record ids

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