Autofill address for user account (client profile)

I’ve set up a block where a user can update their information. Is it possible to use Google API integration to autofill the address field the way you can do for a form submission?


Hi @artbid
To be honest there isn’t any native features that might help to track the user’s location at the moment. Let me add this message as a feature request to consider for future improvements.

Thanks Viktoria, I don’t mean that the user’s location is tracked. The user would input their address, but the autofill integration via Google maps would be initiated. This is available on forms, but not on the blocks where users are updating information. You can create a short “text” box, but there’s no address selection. Does this make sense?

I see what you mean, thank you for the clarification.
Let me share the use-case with the team to take into consideration for future improvements.

A while back I posted some sample code for google maps address auto-completion: Site wide search + Map Location Input - #2 by dcoletta

Thanks for sharing. There is already a native way for addresses to autopopulate using Google maps in forms on Softr, you just need to add the Google Map API key into integrations and select the “address” text box when creating a new form field.

The issue I’m having is that the “address” field is not available on forms which is used for users to update their existing information. I think your custom code doesn’t solve this because it won’t have the information pre-populated as it doesn’t link to an existing entry.