Auto fill a Form


Is it possible to auto fill a document from a form/questionare that’s been filled out?

For example;
I need the name, contact details, Fee etc.
The form then auto fills information into/onto a document that can be sent in pdf, and printed.

Is this possible on Softr?

Hey @Werner, do you want that your app users to fill in a form and submit it, and then, the submitted data is converted into a .pdf file within your app? If yes, we do not have such a feature in our app.

Instead, what you can do is you can link the form block to a table block, list all the user-submitted form data there and download the table data as a .CSV or .Excel file (they are also printable).


I want the filled and submitted form to fill certain areas on a document.

For instance:
I …“name” with the following identification number …“1234567” living at …“20 street” and so on within a document.

then when the document is populated with the information the document can then be sent as pdf to in an email to another person.

Here’s one way to do it:

Thank you Very much, ill definitely have a look.