Auto-default SEO title

It seems like A LOT of people can’t figure out how to set their page window titles using the SEO title option. What about defaulting SEO title to page title if SEO title hasn’t been set?

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We should be doing something similar already let us check.

Yes - I thought I saw that it was happening and then I started wondering why, if it was happening, people were still confused.

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OK it does seem to be happening. However, it is appending " - Made with Softr" to the default text. As default text, that seems reasonable on a free plan, but not on a paid plan. On a paid plan I would prefer to see that text not be auto-appended, or only auto-appended if the “Made with Softr” badge is on for the site.


Noted @dcoletta although good nudge to change it to something meaningful :slight_smile: