Authorize (or not) new users to create an account

Hello everyone,

I am working on using Softr with external clients in order to display commercial information from an Airtable database.
I have implemented a signup/signin feature to make sure I know who gets access to this information, but this only means that users will have to fill in an e-mail adress and create a password.

I would like to implement a confirmation system, where upon the account being created, I receive an e-mail with the address used in the signin, and I can then decide whether or not this account will be allowed in.

Has this kind of system already been created ? Is it a feature ?

In case that ever helps, I am also using for other use cases and could create a workflow for any potential solution.

Thank you in advance !

What if after creation they get a user group based on status in Airtable like ToBeReviewed then once you approve their status changes in Airtable and group changes in Softr and they see what they need to see ?

We had a similar use case, where we let users “request” user accounts via a signup form, which went into a request Airtable table, and then we built an automation, which allowed us to “approve” the request with a button, which then converted them to a user by moving their request info over to the user table.

It worked well for what we needed.

I have been using the above-described method for a few months in an app where constituent users have to request an account and provide documentation to the client. When the request status is changed to ‘Approved’ the AirTable automation moves them over to the authorized user table. When the field containing the magiclink is populated, it triggers another automation that sends an email to the approved user with the magiclink. It seems to be working well for both clients and their constituent users.