Authenticate Softr-created users in another platform

I am developing a custom-made native mobile app that add complementary functionality I can’t get on Softr. Examples include 24/7 GPS Tracking of our users and Push Notifications.

The issue is that I need to identify users to let them send us the Live GPS location, but these users have registered with Softr (using email + password). Now on the mobile app, I am unsure how we are going to authenticate those users.

I would love to know any opinion. At this stage, we already have a lot of registered users.

Hey @ob95,

I would recommend checking this forum thread.

Just thought it could be helpful.

Hey Suzie, thank you.
I saw this thread altough it is not exactly the use case I am looking for. I need to track the Live location of users 24/7. It has to be through a native app as far as I am aware.