Audio/Video fields without download button

Pretty self-explanatory, it would be great to be able to hide the download function for audio & video item fields or have an alternative option without the download function.

Use case: You offer educational videos for subscribed users but don’t want them to be able to pay once and just download every video and unsubscribe.
Additionally you might want to offer a higher tier, where downloading is an option.

Hi @Xaver what video block are you using? If you use a video block within a listing block there is no mention of being able to download the video.

Generally, I haven’t seen this being a problem before so let me know how you’re setting this up, cause maybe there is another way that will solve this for you.

Hi, thanks for your reply!
I’m using an audio item field in a list block, on the right side of the player there’s a menu which lets you download the file.

I saw the same with video item fields.

For this, you can hide those options using CSS.

Also, maybe showing this in another block could be advantageous for you?

Finally, it’s a good suggestion and I’ll recommend it to our product team to look at implementing in the future! Until then, can you also add this suggestion here so we can be sure it doesn’t get lost?

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If you’re using an embed option for audio, you can also pass a no download attribute with it (<audio>: The Embed Audio element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN) However, this doesn’t mean it’s totally safe, as the URL is still available in the browser and can be downloaded in other ways.

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Awesome, thank you for the pointers! I’ll give it a shot and I’ll also add the suggestion.

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