Assigning new customers to member groups using Zapier

I am new at Softr and am trying to build my own online course/membership area/app. I am having trouble working out the precise way how to assign customers/students to member group only after they pay for the course. I have asked about this a person from support center and they told me I need to synchronize the data with Airtable.

Also, I am from the Czech Republic, we dont use services like Stripe and Zapier here, so both of these are very foreign to me. I have successfully created my product in Stripe, I have created some automation in Zapier (New Payment in Stripe > New Record/Updated in Airtable.) Problem is it doesnt really work and I dont know if there should be some other action after that. I dont want to assign customers manually to the courses, I d like once the payment is recognized and paired with them, they should be automatically assigned to that member group and gain access to the page with the course. Maybe I should have started with that :smiley:

Is there a way someone can help me through the steps? (Hope there wont be many as I am almost set up, I think).

Thank you kindly

Hey @julielligraphy , here is a video tutorial that will help you build your online course/membership app:

Here is the template used in the video:

Dear Marine,
I have, of course, seen the video and I actually am working on this template base. I have recreated to my own purposes though but the video or the template do not cover setting up the condition I am asking about. I need to create a condition that will only allow students to be assigned to a member group once they have paid for the course. More specifically once the payment has arrived to my account even.

In that case, what if you create a user group for users who paid and use it in your app? As soon as users make the payment, they will be automatically included in that user group. This is how to create a user group based on whether the user paid or not Add users to a user group based on their Stripe attributes – Softr Help Docs